Regular Therapeutic Massage facilitates relaxation and sleep, reduces pain, promotes freer joint movement, a more positive outlook and motivation, helps relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, musculoskeletal imbalances, cramps, tension, and headache, promotes health and wellbeing, and feels great!

Olive Tree Massage Clinic



"Very patient, good bedside manner. Her hands were both strong and gentle, and she used just the right amount of pressure." S.B.

"Thank you for the wonderful massage! Your tender touch means so much to me, When I've had experiences in the past, of those who did not listen when It hurt." D.T.

"As a newcomer to massage, I was nervous about the amount of pressure that I would be able to handle. Jan started our session explaining how important it (is) to communicate during massage, about areas that hurt and how much pressure I needed. (She) told me what she was feeling, as she moved around my back and told me that she wanted to do a little deep work on certain areas that she felt would be beneficial. I never thought I would be open to this, but I felt comfortable that I could tell Jan if it was too much. In the end, this was one of the most relaxing and therapeutic experiences that I have had. Jan clearly has a gift, and I can't wait to be back on her table." ~R.W.

"This is my very first massage and wow! It was incredible! I feel so relaxed I am now hooked. Thank you, you did a fabulous job!" ~L.A.

"One of the best massages I've ever had! You have to try it to understand how Jan's understanding of the body, and passion for her work, add up to a very gifted therapist." ~M.G.


Incredible relief! This, after one and a half months suffering in pain with sciatic nerve (and other) issues, as well as two full days driving across three states. I received just what I needed in a table massage from Jan. She has a natural gift in her skill, along with her knowledge of the human body, especially an ailing body. Her touch is both firm and gentle as needed. Her compassion, care, and joy in what she's doing come through, and the result was beyond my expectations. L.C.

"Jan, thanks for the great massage. You have the "touch" knowing just where to go. Thanks for being quiet and attentive. You did a great job." K.D.

"I feel so relaxed, and my legs are much looser. I enjoyed my massage very much. Thank you!" ~S.M.

"Physical therapy is a regular part of a professional (athlete's) life. Because of that, I've experienced many different kinds of massage and therapists. Jan assesses the physicality of her clients so intuitively and has an uncanny ability to connect and get problem areas to respond to treatment. I have rarely come across someone so in tune with the needs of the person on their massage table. She is a unique practitioner, and I would recommend the experience of a massage with her to anyone seeking relief from discomfort and pain." M.W.

"It was a wonderful and pleasant experience, and I've been feeling good all day, relaxed and stress-free and at peace." J.T.

"First massage experience - very relaxing! Excellent experience!" S.S.

"She was able to feel my body respond and adjusted to focus on areas that needed more attention. The massage was relaxing and rid my body of tension. Thank you!" O.B.

"I found Jan to be the best massage therapist I've ever been to in over 23 years of having had massage therapy for chronic pain. I went in for my first massage - expecting to go home sore and needing to take Ibuprofen, because that had been my experience every other time I started with a new massage therapist. Jan told me no that wasn't going to happen - I didn't believe her but she was right!  She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and specifically how mine was NOT working.  She TRULY has a gift of healing in her hands!  I remember being astonished after one massage when she asked me to evaluate my pain level and I realized I had no pain!  It had been a long time since that happened! Jan was always able to ascertain exactly what it was I needed and she paid close attention and was able to pick up on tiny changes and adjust accordingly." -D.B.